VR Changing Perspectives, or AR we!

Saad Akhtar Chinoy, Singapore

Addressing what he believes to be a perceived gap in digital skills of content creators when it comes to traditional storytelling, Saad set out to bring print-based storytelling to digital native audiences using Augmented Reality (AR) and 360 Virtual Reality (VR) as complements to the narrative. Saad organized several hands-on participatory workshops on AR and 360VR with writers, illustrators, bloggers, animators, and other content creators of the Andariya community in Khartoum, Kampala and Kigali.

Saad was hosted by Andariya, Sudan

Andariya is an organisation based in Khartoum that runs a bilingual digital cultural magazine on Sudan and South Sudan. Andariya provides a contemporary platform in both English and Arabic that aims to voice contemporary analysis, independent and diverse opinions of Sudanese youth, promote creative arts ideas and events, launch social media campaigns, and offer digital media strategy development, market analysis and content creation services. A community of more than 50 authors contribute to the Andariya team.