Freehand Movement

Chief Nyamweya, Kenya

With a common belief that the current education system is obsolete leaving youth unprepared for the challenges of the 21st century, Chief and 360ed set out to explore new models of education that require a combination of creative education and the deployment of new learning tools. During his residency, the partnership created an augmented reality app and content for his graphic novel “Art of Unlearning” on how to unlock creative potential and they redesigned 360ed’s flagship augmented reality educational product for the East African market.

Chief was hosted by 360ed, Myanmar

360ed is an Edutech social enterprise. 360ed Myanmar’s mission is to leverage advances in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), and other education technologies to bring scalable, immediate, and exponential impact in transforming national education and beyond. Their work is grounded in experimentation, innovation, collaborative partnerships and extended fieldwork. They are on a mission to educate teachers to teach 21st century skills and knowledge to their students and to empower students with new goals, dreams and opportunities, helped by modern digital tools and virtual learning environments.