Employing open data and open source to promote public service delivery

Sotheavin Doch, Cambodia

Inspired by her belief in the power of open data and data driven journalism, Sotheavin conducted training for community journalists, CSO’s and bloggers in Kampala. Her training was focused on data visualization as a way add more value to content creation through the use of open data and evidence based reporting. The training led participants to rethink the way that they were telling stories and to consider the use of ICT tools for service delivery.

Sotheavin was hosted by CIPESA, Uganda

CIPESA (Collaboration on International ICT Policy in East and Southern Africa) focuses on decision-making that facilitates the use of ICT in support of development and poverty reduction. Since its inception, CIPESA has positioned itself as a leading centre for research and analysis of information aimed to enable policy makers in the region to understand ICT policy issues, and for various multi-stakeholders to use ICT to improve livelihoods. CIPESA stakeholders fall into four major categories - media, government, the private sector, and civil society.