Retrieving Dreams

Shayma Idris, Sudan

Driven by her own experiences as a woman photographer in Khartoum, Shayma explored the issue of security and professional safety with relation to journalists in Yogyakarta. She aimed to understand the challenges facing journalists and how they approach issues of security and the tools they use against possible threats including government censorship and detainment. She worked with different mediums of exploration including photography, video and audio.

Shayma was hosted by Engage Media, Indonesia

Engage Media is a non-profit media, technology and culture organization that uses the power of video, the Internet and open technologies to create social and environmental change. They work with independent filmmakers, journalists, technologists, and campaigners to harness old and new media to assist movements that challenge social injustice and environmental damage, as well as to present solutions. Their work demystifies and provides strategies for the effective use of video distribution and engagement technologies by connecting video makers and activists to media distributors and audiences and forming peer networks of media-makers, technologists and campaigners.