Uganda’s feminist activism on social media

Lubna Hawwa, Maldives

In an effort to compile data on women’s rights activism and establish the importance of ensuring digital rights and free speech in society, Lubna conducted a research project on the use of new media by feminist activists. During her residency, she identified and interviewed women who are using new media platforms such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter Youtube, and the like to advocate for women's rights and social justice in Uganda. Additionally, she organized a seminar and twitter chat with feminists from Uganda & Maldives on activism & new media that led to the formation of a twitter group to collaborate on feminist causes across both countries. She hopes to publish the interviews in a digital booklet.

Lubna was hosted by Kweeta, Uganda

Kweeta is a consultancy company run by writers, campaigners, and communications strategists who provide services including strategic communications, advocacy, social media campaigns and multimedia production. The Kweeta team specializes in the areas of and intersections between media and development, peace and conflict, social justice, governance and accountability, women's rights, health rights, migration and climate change.