Social Media Strategy & Data Visualization

Abel Asrat, Ethiopia

Using his digital media and data background, Abel explored social media platforms and infographic storytelling formats in an effort to magnify the reach and influence of Akatiga’s work. Together they created a social media strategy that explored new channels of communication, infographics, and web analytics methods to measure the impact of their social media presence. Additionally, Abel trained the Akatiga team on social media strategy, data visualization, and website optimization.

Abel was hosted by Akatiga, Indonesia

As an independent and non-profit research organization, Akatiga’s mission is to influence positive policy changes in order to create a fair social, political and economic environment that enables poor and marginalized communities to gain greater access to and control over resources needed for sustainable livelihoods. To achieve this mission, Akatiga focuses on three core activities: research, policy advocacy and monitoring & evaluation in four priority issues which include micro, small & medium enterprises (MSMEs), governance, rural youth employment and agricultural development.