Garaj Wanita (Women’s Garage)

Patricia Kigula, Uganda

Driven by a passion to make the Internet a more gender balanced democratic platform for online communication and thereby involving women in the processes that contribute to the development of the communication sector, Patricia used her BLACK, NO SUGAR model to video young women around topics of meaning to them. The topics of interest to her project are gender responsive and inclusive data for the achievement of SDGs, building women's leadership, gender justice based education, and combatting fundamentalism. The hope is that her host organization can continue to use the BLACK, NO SUGAR model to give women an online space to champion different causes using digital media.

Patricia was hosted by Kapal Perempuan, Indonesia

Kapal Perempuan is an organization dedicated to developing Indonesia’s civil society by enabling a strong women's movement to accelerate the creation of a society based on critical thinking, solidarity, gender justice, pluralism, transparency and non-violence. They aim to develop critical feminist education on a variety of strategic issues for social movement activists, marginal women leaders and the community at large.