The South - South media Lab program 2018 (SSMLab) was a residency program focused on networking and collaboration amongst young professionals, innovators and activists in the East African and South East Asian media sector.

The initiative was in its second year, the pilot program being the East African Media Lab in 2017. The program was aimed at introducing spaces of collaboration between East African and South East Asian media, culture and innovation centers and East African and South East Asian media professionals, innovators and storytellers in order to promote engaged, creative and peaceful media work.

The SSMLab focused on peer-learning and open and free media technologies. In this context, participants and their host organizations were encouraged to approach political and social challenges in creative, experimental and interdisciplinary ways through digital means. The cohort worked on projects ranging from the documentation of feminist activism in Uganda to the creation of a collaborative database system prototype on extractive mining, oil and gas in Kenya and Cambodia, a photo exhibit exploring urban transformation and displacement in Addis Ababa to an augmented reality app for a graphic novel on how to unlock creative potential, a remote metering system prototype collecting environmental data to a short film on the life of a beekeeper in a social entrepreneurship program in the Nakivale refugee camp, workshops and trainings on youth storytelling, AR and 360VR, social media strategy and open source data and data journalism.

Program Outline

  • September & October 2018: Step Up Kick Off Event in Addis Ababa for the East African fellows and host organization representatives and Bandung for the South East Asian Fellows and host organization representatives
  • October – November 2018: Sixteen fellows embarked on and completed their individual residencies with their host organizations in different East-African and South East Asian countries
  • December 2018: Final networking event in Bishoftu for the full 2018 fellow and host organization cohort

Matched Fellows and Host Organisations

  • Abel Asrat (Ethiopia) - Akatiga (Bandung, Indonesia)
  • Chief Nyamweya (Kenya) - 360ed (Yangon, Myanmar)
  • Dia Hamed (Egypt) - HONF (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
  • Dilman Dila (Uganda) - The Carrot Co. (Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Hirut Gebretsadik (Ethiopia) - JRKI (Surakarta, Indonesia)
  • Juliet Atellah (Kenya) - ODC (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
  • Lubna Hawwa (Maldives) - Kweeta (Kampala, Uganda)
  • Patricia Kigula (Uganda) - Kapal Perempuan (Jakarta, Indonesia)
  • Pham Thu Hang (Vietnam) - SINA (Nakivale, Uganda)
  • Rosanna Lopez (Philippines) - Imagine We (Kigali, Rwanda)
  • Saad Akhtar Chinoy (Singapore) - Andariya (Khartoum, Sudan)
  • Shayma Idris (Sudan) - Engage Media (Yogyakarta, Indonesia)
  • Sotheavin Doch (Cambodia) - CIPESA (Kampala, Uganda)
  • Victor Nyang’a (Tanzania) - Launch Garage (Manila, Phillippines)
  • Vincent Rumahloine (Indonesia) - iceaddis (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia)
  • Yen Duong (Vietnam) - Addis Standard (Addis Abeba, Ethiopia)

The South - South media Lab program is a collaboration between icebauhaus (Germany), common room (Indonesia) and iceaddis (Ethiopia) and was made possible with funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).