Women in Transformative Spaces – Notes of Inspiration

Marina Modi, South Sudan

Inspired by her interest in women’s empowerment and development, Marina came to Addis Ababa to interview women entrepreneurs, innovators and professionals. From the materials that she gathered, she created a booklet on perspectives from women working in establishing transformative spaces in the hope that it can act as an inspiration for young African women looking to diversify their role in society.

The booklet launch was held in Addis Ababa, organized by her host organization and attended by high school and university girls/young women. The fellowship experience provided Marina with input for her blogging and the booklet has since served as a basis for events and discussions around women’s role in innovation and entrepreneurship in Marina’s native South Sudan.

Marina was hosted by Earuyan Solutions, Ethiopia

Earuyan Solutions is a social impact driven feminist company offering workshops, forums, research, project/programme design and content development solutions with a particular focus on projects promoting gender equality and leadership development.