Junub Times – Exploring the Lives of South Sudanese in Sudan

Bullen Chol, South Sudan

Modelled around Visual South Sudan, an online platform promoting visual stories of South Sudanese, Bullen’s project focused on the photographic documentation and presentation of the life of South Sudanese in Khartoum and was realized through a series of public exhibitions in Khartoum as well as a collection of photo stories on both the Visual South Sudan and Andariya platforms.

Additionally, Bullen received counseling by the Andariya team on how to strategically develop their platform, how to group and schedule the publication of stories and how to use social media to achieve greater outreach. Andariya and VSS have also formed a strategic partnership of content sharing and are planning future projects together in order to increase recognition and professional outreach to local photographers in South Sudan while offering alternative points of identifications for post- or trans-conflict South Sudanese citizens.

Bullen was hosted by: Andariya, Sudan

Andariya is an organization based in Khartoum that runs a bilingual digital cultural magazine on Sudan and South Sudan. Andariya provides a platform in both English and Arabic that aims to voice contemporary analysis, independent and diverse opinions of Sudanese youth, promote creative arts, host cultural events, launch social media campaigns, and offer digital media strategy development, market analysis, and content creation services. The Andariya team is composed of a community of more than fifty writers.