Pan African Digital Collaborations – Andariya in Uganda

Omnia Shawkat Abbas, Sudan

During her residency, Omnia set out to learn the mechanics of setting up and running periodic media forums while improving her skills of managing large teams of remote writers and finding diverse ways of recruiting contributors. In addition, she was also researching opportunities of transferring and expanding the “Andariya media model” from Sudan to other East African markets.

Omnia’s residency resulted in a wide range of immediate outcomes. She formed a strategic partnership with a local media outlet, she recruited new writers based in Uganda as content contributors to, wrote a few stories herself on South-Sudanese diaspora in Uganda, and began the process of setting up a Uganda Andariya branch which will form an important part of the organisation’s strategy for 2018. Inspired by what she learned from her host organisation, Omnia also organised a new Sudanese gender focused media forum which will be conducted periodically in Khartoum.

Omnia was hosted by Kweeta, Uganda

Kweeta is a consultancy company run by writers, campaigners, and communications strategists who provide services including strategic communications, advocacy, social media campaigns and multimedia production. The Kweeta team specializes in the areas of and intersections between media and development, peace and conflict, social justice, governance and accountability, women’s rights, health rights, migration and climate change.