OnaStories. OnaSomaliland – A Digital Deep Dive

Princely Hope Glorious, Tanzania

Using the OnaStories framework as a guide, Princely created OnaSomaliland, a deep dive digital interactive project exploring culture and daily life in Somaliland, including Shax, a Somali board game, street portraits and a series on interesting facts about the country including the 2017 national election that were successfully held during the time of his fellowship.

Ona Somaliland is conceived as a multimedia awareness raising and edutainment website offering users the chance to explore and learn bits of knowledge about Somaliland that most, including those in neighbouring countries, are unaware of. The site will combine video, photo and text with social media formats in an interactive, engaging, and entertaining fashion adapted for mobile first audiences. The interactive site is meant to feed into the future OnaStories deep dive series on Tanzania and Kenya.

Princely was hosted by Redsea Cultural Foundation, Somaliland

The Redsea Cultural Foundation promotes the culture of reading and creative writing in Somali speaking society, with a particular focus on youth, through the promotion and distribution of high-quality Somali literature and the translation of classical literature into Somali. In addition, they support and promote information and communications technology. The Foundation has established the Hargeysa Cultural Center, an important feature in Hargeysa’s cultural landscape, and runs the annual Hargeysa International Book Fair.