Khartoum Through a Neighbors Eyes – A Photo Exhibit

Nebila Abdulmelik, Ethiopia

Inspired by her pan African aesthetic and the idea of capturing images of a neighboring country, Nebila designed a photography project focused on the city of Khartoum. With her “Urbamorphosis” exhibition documenting the changes to the city of Addis Ababa and their influence on its inhabitants as a recent background, Nebila travelled to Sudan to figure out how this concept may be transplanted or expanded to the context of the city of Khartoum.

Approaching the city from different angels in an iterative process including photo-walks, convening with local architects and documenting the Sudanese audience’s reactions to her Ethiopian, she arrived at the conclusion that, unlike Addis Ababa, rapid massive urban transformation does not appear to be a predominant issue in Khartoum of today and she finally exhibited her multimedia project, focused on daily life and city landscapes including sights and sounds of Khartoum under the title “Khartoum Through A Neighbours Lens”.

Nebila was hosted by Impact Hub Khartoum, Sudan

Impact Hub is a leading global network for creative collaborative action to realize enterprising ideas for a better world. Impact Hub Khartoum works through a common vision of optimism driven by the potential to transform lives by offering people the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and innovate to fulfill their entrepreneurial potential and increase their impact on the world. Impact Hub Khartoum has an ultimate mission of making Khartoum a more inclusive place for all of its 6 million people.