Guns, Guts and God –
Portraits of Karamoja

Taye Balogun, Nigeria via Kenya

Using image, language and sound, Taye created a multimedia project capturing the personal stories of people affected by the arms trade in Karamoja, Uganda. The project tells a story about cattle herders in a region where the government carried out a disarmament process that left the people with little more than broken promises.

“Portraits of Karamoja” is the first part of a larger concept exploring, through art as a medium, the complexities of the trade of small fire arms in the Horn of Africa and neighbouring East-African countries and how it affects the lives of local youth. Guns, Guts and God is a visual transformation of innocence to terror using religion, politics and culture.

Taye was hosted by Impact Hub Kigali, Rwanda

Impact Hub is a leading global network for creative collaborative action to realize enterprising ideas for a better world. Impact Hub Kigali inspires to be the center of the social enterprise community in Kigali through its community workspace and events, which brings together entrepreneurs, creatives, and drivers of positive social change.