AgriMedias – Using Digital Media for Agricultural Development

Abdourahmane Diop, Senegal

Motivated by the prospect of comparing the entrepreneurship support ecosystem in the ICT4Ag community in Senegal to that of Ethiopia, Abdourahmane conducted a short-term research project on the actors, perceptions, policies, and level
 of involvement among young people in the agricultural sector in Addis Ababa. Based on a collection of interviews, a focus group discussion and a field trip, Abdourahmane gathered an initial overview of the particular challenges faced by start-ups in the Ethiopian AgriTech field.

Abdourahmane summarized his research in a bilingual booklet in the hopes that it will help people understand the importance of supporting the ICT4Ag ecosystem in Africa. His intention is to use this first exploration into the Ethiopian ICT4Ag support ecosystem as a basis for future more in-depth research.

Host Organization – BlueMoon, Ethiopia

Bluemoon is a youth agribusiness incubator based in Ethiopia aimed at turning exceptional ideas into great companies that can change the world. Bluemoon invests in innovative and scalable businesses within agriculture, livestock, fisheries and forestry in any commodity and across the value chain.